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The company was started in 70s.
Growth of the TCKedzierski  was dynamic and the company became one of the leading regional  carrier in the transporting industry.

In the beginning of 90s, the name and the status of the company was changed to
Transport Ciężarowy J. i M. Kędzierscy S. C.
At that time TCKedzierski gradually started broadening the range of the services in the area of transporting
 bulk substances.

Today TCKedzierski belongs to the best carrier in this area of  transporting industry.

However, our services aren't limited only to transporting aggregates. Our important line of services is  forwarding materials and products.

Today, to be successful in
 very competitive world it's not enough to have good ideas, but the professionalism, competence and reliability are critical.
TCKedzierski fulfills all these requirements.
There are many elements proving our competence:
- highly skilled and trained crew
- trusted business partners
- advanced information system and  logistics
- dependable transport fleet
- immediate and constant communication with the drivers

The fact, that we've existed on the market
for such a long time proves our reliability. We are proud of the reputation we have among our customers. Satisfaction of our clients is our top priority.
As one of the very few transporting companies in Poland, we have our division in the U.S.A
The big advantage of that is that we can observe the recent trends in the most flexible market and apply some of them in our business. This is very critical in the area of the flow of the information as well as implementing new technologies.